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    Bodybuilding workouts: Are forearm exercises really necessary?

    posted by kevin 6:12 PM
    Sunday, September 2, 2012

    Bodybuilding workouts: Are forearm exercises really necessary?

    As you would probably imagine, the forearm muscles are a major part of your arm. There are over 10 different muscles in your forearms that need to be worked out in order to see an overall larger arm which isn’t just the deltoids, biceps, and triceps, but also include the entire lower half of your arm.


    Some of the major muscles in the forearm include the supinator muscle, Flexor Carpi Ulnaris Muscle, and the Extensor Carpi muscles. These muscles usually get worked out by doing any kind of bodybuilding workouts. Like I always say, everything is connected, hence the reason that most of the forearm gets work when doing any kind of bodybuilding workouts that involves the upper body. However, one type of exercise works out the forearm more than any other, bicep exercises


    Bicep exercises use a ton of muscles in the forearm when going from the arm being in an extended position back to a flexed position. Whether it be pullups, curls, or any other kind of bicep bodybuilding workouts, the forearms are always worked just as much as the biceps are.


    There are a few bodybuilding workouts however that solely focus on the forearm muscles. However most of these are very high in repetition and focus on increasing definition rather than size. (size is built up mostly from other bodybuilding workouts, particularly bicep exercises)


    So in conclusion, Forearm exercises really aren’t too necessary. These muscles are always worked out indirectly through other bodybuilding workouts and gain size and definition on their own. Personally I don’t do them too often but I still do once in a while. Doing forearm exercises can never really hurt you, so its good to still do them once in a while.


    For a list of Forearm Exercises, Click here: Bodybuilding workouts: List of forearm exercises


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